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The Sweetness of Pro-life Ministry

Wind & Flame Ignited by Truth Blog

by Nikolai R. F. X. Brelinsky My large family, with our 15-passenger van, instilled me with pro-life ideals early in childhood. However, I became more personally invested in these pro-life beliefs after I encountered a friend in high school who was a survivor of an abortion. Since that time, I have felt a personal calling […]

The Scandalous Love of Christ

Wind & Flame Ignited by Truth Blog

by Tara K.E. Brelinsky A faithful, pro-life warrior, Father was spending another afternoon ministering outside of the local abortion mill when he caught sight of the owner and chief abortionist. So many times he’d mentally prepared for this precise moment. So many times Father had rehearsed in his head the words he would preach to […]

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