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The Sweetness of Pro-life Ministry

by Nikolai R. F. X. Brelinsky

My large family, with our 15-passenger van, instilled me with pro-life ideals early in childhood. However, I became more personally invested in these pro-life beliefs after I encountered a friend in high school who was a survivor of an abortion.

Since that time, I have felt a personal calling in the ministry of pro-life work. My experience in this field has led me, today, to help organize our pro-life efforts from the seminary.

Attract More Flies with Honey

While I was working on a message, for the purpose of motivating my seminarian brothers to pro-life activities, I received some helpful criticism. Reading over my work, my proof-reader suggested that what I was saying could come across as a bit too harsh. Perhaps, he suggested, I would attract more flies with honey.

I realized that he was right. Certainly, it would gather more interest to my cause if I underlined the goodness, joy, and satisfaction of work in the pro-life ministry. These sweet things, like honey, would surely be effective in inspiring renewed interest.

So Where was I to Begin?

I have spent hours and hours in front of abortion facilities. At times, braving uncomfortable weather, suffering scorn, mockery, curses, and even spit. That is not all sweetness.

I have given up weekends to do volunteer work and educational training at times, when I might rather have been doing something else. That does not seem like honey, either.

I have gone to march on the Capitol to protest Roe v. Wade and legal abortion. From experience, I can attest that some years it has been so cold that you can’t feel your face or your toes. You can become exasperated trying to keep up with your group in the crowd, or getting to your bus on time. You may feel sick to your stomach as you pass by mega screens displaying the graphic, bloody realities of abortion, in high definition. Even the March for Life is not all sweetness and honey.

What is Honey?

What is so good and so sweet that anyone should bother to endure all this discomfort? Honey is the thought that somewhere there is a woman holding her newborn child in her arms.

She may be someone I have never met, and never will meet. Yet, knowing that something I did, helped a mother to choose life; that because of my pro-life work, the soul of an unborn child was allowed to be born into the world; that because of my prayers, a mother’s soul was spared from the wound of abortion; that is the honey.

We are all called in our Christian duty to work for the salvation of souls. By our works and our prayers, we can make a difference to others. Aside from the very sacraments themselves, I believe there are few sweeter things than work done to save souls. And I swear to you that it is worth every sting of discomfort to pursue this sweetness.

What Can you Do?

The next question to ask is, “How?” I would encourage you to begin by inquiring about local pro-life groups. Is there a group at your parish? Do you know any veteran pro-lifers? These would be good places to start. You might be interested in campaigns to pray outside of abortion facilities, such as 40 Days for Life. You might prefer helping programs to raise awareness and even donations for pro-life ministries, such as Life Runners or Save the Storks. There are also groups for students, from middle school to college and grad schools. Each of the fifty states also has an individual affiliate of the National Right to Life organization, which can be found here (NC affiliate).

Finally, the most important thing any of us can do is also one of the simplest. That is to pray. Offer your prayers, works, and sacrifices up for the unborn, for mothers faced with difficult pregnancies, and for their families. Pray for an end to abortion and for the triumph of the culture of life.

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