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15 Ways to Go All-In: Lent 2021

Developing a new habit or fostering growth doesn’t just happen. It takes purpose and discipline to adopt a new routine or mature in the faith. Lent is the perfect time to make a change, recommit, or dig deeper.

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divine mercy

Our Last Hope: Divine Mercy

We have a choice to make. Jesus said we either choose to pass through the doors of Divine Mercy or we must pass through the doors of Divine Justice.
Let’s choose Mercy!

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Seeing Old Things with New Eyes

Today, as I stand on the border of Holy Week, while living through a pandemic, I believe that Jesus is healing our blindness in just the same way that He healed this sightless believer so long ago.

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15 Ways to Make This Your Best Lent

Lent is a sufficient length to gain valuable insights, but I suppose I just needed more this year. And the advantage in my having started this race early is that I’ve discovered a treasury of resources which are going to make this the best lent ever for me and for you!

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bible study

Spending Time with Scripture

Over the past year I’ve discovered a treasure which begs to be shared with every Christian soul. Quite simply, it is the joy of reading through the Bible in a year, day by day.

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I Continue Marching for Life

One event definitely stands out among the rest in my re-education process. I’ll never forget the night, sitting alone in front of my computer screen, that I stumbled across the images of abortion.

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