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You Are Needed to Fan the Flame

Once upon a time the Ignited by Truth Catholic Conference was simply a thought in the minds of a few Catholic homeschooling mothers. Having experienced the benefits from their attendance at another Catholic conference, they were inspired to create something equally as faithful and dynamic closer to home. From that inspiration was born Ignited By Truth.

Though the initial idea was the brain-child of a small group, the actual development and implementation of that idea required the work of many hands. From finding the perfect venue to decorating the stage and a host of tasks in between, volunteers have always been the force behind the mission.

And that’s where you come in. With only a few weeks left to go until the 2019 Ignited By Truth conference, there are lots of volunteer slots to be filled. Come and be a part of the mission. Your willingness to give of your time, talent and treasure fans the flame which has ignited so many hearts and minds over the years.

How Do I Volunteer?

Volunteering couldn’t be easier. Simply go to the volunteer sign-up page, scroll through to discover the available opportunities and then select those which you are able to fill.

From the Volunteer Sign-up Page you can sign-up to help at a speaker table, commit to an hour in the IBT adoration chapel and/or sign-up to fill a number of other volunteer positions.

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Bringing to light the truth of the teachings of the Catholic Church and igniting in all hearts a love for the Faith.


Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church to give His Grace to all people. We continue His Mission to spread the Good News of God’s Love. Our hope is that through this conference, more people will see the beauty of the great treasure that God has given to the world in the Catholic Faith.


Ignited By Truth, Inc. is a North Carolina non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation.

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