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St. Joseph Primary Care Presents the Holy Family of St. Joseph

Faith in Action: St. Joseph’s Primary Care

I’ve been attending Ignited By Truth Catholic Conferences since their inception. Every single conference has achieved its mission: inspiring me with the Truth and igniting me in love for my Catholic faith. But the greater fruit of the conferences is born after the speakers go home, the vendors pack up and the seats empty.

After the conference, the Holy Spirit starts His work in the day-to-day lives of each attendee. He gives someone the courage and wisdom to speak Truth in the workplace when a co-worker asks, “Why are you Catholic?” He leads another to volunteer in the parish or local food pantry. Still another is emboldened to make lifestyle changes which align with God’s Will.

Faith in Action

After the conference, the fruits of the Spirit are made manifest in myriad ways throughout our diocese and communities. Having a small part in the behind-the-scenes support system of Ignited By Truth, I am privileged to see some of those works take shape.

St. Joseph Primary Care a Ministry of Caring

Though St. Joseph’s Primary Care isn’t a direct result of the conference, it is a fruit of it. An annual vendor, St. Joseph’s Primary Care puts the principles of the Catholic faith into action by providing comprehensive, affordable, personal care to all member patients, without regards to income, employment, insurance, faith, or documentation status. The physicians follow and promote the life-affirming teachings of the church.

Catholic Cancer Support Group

Continuing on this mission of caring for all of God’s people, St. Joseph’s Primary Care hosts a support group specifically for Catholics battling with cancer. The group meets twice a month for mutual emotional support.

As Catholics, we believe that human suffering can be offered up in union with the Passion of Christ. Please join us as we adopt the Dominican Spirituality as a tool to support, comfort, encourage, understand, hope, and pray for one another.

Free Health Clinic

In addition to cancer support, St. Joseph’s operates a Day of Grace monthly. This is a free clinic held at St. Ann Catholic Church in Clayton, NC. Free health services are open to everyone on the last Sunday of each month from 9am-1pm. 

For more information on the Catholic Cancer Support Group, for information on the Day of Grace or the other outreach programs offered by St. Joseph’s, or to schedule an appointment to be seen, call (919) 386-6866

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Bringing to light the truth of the teachings of the Catholic Church and igniting in all hearts a love for the Faith.


Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church to give His Grace to all people. We continue His Mission to spread the Good News of God’s Love. Our hope is that through this conference, more people will see the beauty of the great treasure that God has given to the world in the Catholic Faith.


Ignited By Truth, Inc. is a North Carolina non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation.

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