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Why Where You Get Married Matters

Wind & Flame Ignited by Truth Blog

by Tara K.E. Brelinsky Love is in the air, as they say. From the media buzz surrounding the Royal Wedding to my feed on Pinterest, clearly, people are interested in all-things nuptial. For those¬†planning a wedding, there are colors, flowers and dresses to choose; photographers, videographers and DJs to book; appetizers, entrees and cakes to […]

A Seminarian’s Thoughts About Marriage

Wind & Flame Ignited by Truth Blog

by Nikolai R.F.X. Brelinsky I know what you are thinking. What in Heaven’s name is a seminarian talking about marriage for? Isn’t he becoming a priest because he has no luck with girls or something like that? Well in actuality, priesthood is, in its own way, another kind of marriage. It is a union between […]

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