Listed below are a number of options to make lunch easier this year.

  1. Bring your own
  2. Pre-order/Pre-pay for lunch with your ticket if desired.
  3. Food Vendors at Talley — There will be 4 restaurants open and they have been notified. There is a Tapingo app you can use to pre-order for Talley.
  4. Food Vendors at the Atrium food court – 10 minute walk
  5. Many places are open to eat on Hillsborough St – 10 minute walk
  6. Reynolds concession stand — will serve beverages only

Please see the details below for our ticket and lunch option.

  1. Adult Ticket + Cheese Pizza (2 slices) and water — $18
  2. Adult Ticket + Turkey Sub, chips and water — $23
  3. Adult Ticket — Lunch NOT included — $15

To pickup your Lunch Pre-Order at the conference

You can show your order confirmation email by printing it or presenting it on your phone.


Show your bracelet which will identify the lunch option purchased with your ticket if any.


***Lunch Seating: Inside Talley and the outside Courtyard. A map is below and will be in your program with directions to the Atrium and Hillsborough street. Some people have asked about breakfast after mass. Talley is a good alternative for that.

Talley: Jason’s deli, Red Sky Pizza Company, Los Lobos Mexican Grill, Tuffy’s Diner, Starbucks, Port City Java, Talley Market

Atrium Food Court (By Hill Library): 10 minute walk, Chick-fil-A, Zen Blossom, Brickyard Pizza & Pasta, Delirious Wraps and Salads, Smoothie U.

Hillsborough Food – all 23xx Hillsborough: Brueggers, Chipotle, Taco Bell and Jimmy Johns, I love NY pizza, Smashed Waffle, Fleshii etc.