Listed below are a number of options to make lunch easier this year.

  1. Bring your own
  2. Pre-order/Pre-pay for lunches from Jersey Mikes or Papa Johns.
  3. Food Vendors at Talley — There will be 4 restaurants open and they have been notified. There is a Tapingo app you can use to pre-order for Talley.
  4. Food Vendors at the Atrium food court – 10 minute walk
  5. Many places are open to eat on Hillsborough St – 10 minute walk
  6. Reynolds concession stand — will serve beverages only

We worked hard to make our pre-order lunches affordable. Please see the details below.

  1. Cheese Pizza (2 slices) and water $3.
  2. Half Turkey sandwich, chips and water for $6.
  3. Half Ham sandwich, chips and water for $6.
  4. Half Veggie Sandwich with Swiss & Provolone cheese, green bell peppers, lettuce, tomato and onions, chips and water for $6.

To pickup your Lunch Pre-Order at the conference

You will need to show your order confirmation email by printing it or presenting it on your phone.


***Lunch Seating: Inside Talley and the outside Courtyard. A map is below and will be in your program with directions to the Atrium and Hillsborough street. Some people have asked about breakfast after mass. Talley is a good alternative for that.

Talley: Jason’s deli, Red Sky Pizza Company, Los Lobos Mexican Grill, Tuffy’s Diner, Starbucks, Port City Java, Talley Market

Atrium Food Court (By Hill Library): 10 minute walk, Chick-fil-A, Zen Blossom, Brickyard Pizza & Pasta, Delirious Wraps and Salads, Smoothie U.

Hillsborough Food – all 23xx Hillsborough: Brueggers, Chipotle, Taco Bell and Jimmy Johns, I love NY pizza, Smashed Waffle, Fleshii etc.