Yes, the second level of the coliseum will be used for social distanced seating.

Yes, go to the Main Stage before Mass begins to request a Gluten-Free host.

Search for the subject, “Your tickets from Ignited by Truth”. You may either display your tickets on your phone or print and bring them with you.  If after searching you still can’t find the ticket in your inbox, we can look up your registration at the door.

No, the conference is a full day SATURDAY ONLY. Ticket prices are very low to make it possible for many people to attend.

You will need to show your tickets to check-in at the event. Be prepared by pulling them up on your phone or print the emailed tickets you received. If you can’t find your tickets, we can look up your registration at the door.

In addition to an order confirmation, your ticket will arrive by e-mail. Sometimes the system takes a few minutes to send the e-mail. If for some reason you can’t find the ticket in your inbox, we can look up your registration at the door. You will receive a reminder e-mail within one week before the conference.

The word catholic means “universal”. The truths proclaimed at the conference are light for all people.

Ignited By Truth is a wonderful opportunity to come back! You will experience a sense of community sitting side-by-side with the other attendees as all of us together rediscover the gift of our Faith.

Inviting your loved one to come with you is the best way! If you have been to a past IBT conference, you could explain why you liked it. If you are excited about this year’s speakers, share what you know about them. Consider what you could do to make it possible for this person to come. Could you pay admission? Arrange childcare? Give a ride? Do what you can and leave it in God’s hands.

Email and we will advise you and provide all the materials you need!

Ignited By Truth is a series of lectures geared for older students through adults. The talks, although given by dynamic speakers, would not capture the attention of young children. For recording purposes and as a courtesy to others who are trying to listen and understand, we thought it best to set the age minimum at 10 years old. We understand that this is a great sacrifice to young families, and we thank you for your consideration.

There are many possibilities:

  • Your spouse could attend part of the conference, and you could attend the rest.
  • Pair up with another couple who also needs childcare and split the cost of a babysitter or trade off babysitting during the day.
  • Arrange play dates for your children with their friends or cousins.
  • Invite one of your parents to visit with their grandchildren for the day.
Should you be unable to attend, please consider offering your admission to a friend or as a tax-deductible gift.  If there is a financial hardship, we do have the ability to process a refund.
Should there be any change in our ability to meet in person, we will refund all tickets and have the conference online.

Ignited By Truth is a 501(c)(3) organization supported by the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, NC.

Yes, and doing this will allow you more time to browse the vendor and ministry tables.

Yes, Talley Student Union is adjacent to Reynolds Coliseum and has a variety of food vendors.

For fastest service, please download the “Tapingo” phone app which allows pre-ordering.

Clark Dining Hall is also within walking distance at 221 Jensen Drive just beyond the parking deck (

No! The discount is available individually with advance registration. There is no need to create a group. Please register online while tickets are still available at

Reynolds Coliseum has convenient parking and partial handicap (ADA) accessibility. Assistance for elderly and handicapped is provided by volunteers. There will be many chairs on the floor of the coliseum to enable easy access to seating.

Yes!  The Ignited By Truth Conference is accepted by the Diocese of Raleigh towards continuing certification and education. 0.6 CEUs are being offered for attendance.