Thank you for anything you can do to help reach the people God is calling to come to this conference! Your personal invitation is most effective. Please pray about the people you know and ask God who He wants you to invite. Maybe it is a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker. You could also consider inviting a leader in your church. If you are involved in a spiritual group or ministry, share the conference information with them.

Poster / Flyer 8.5 x 11 (PDF)
IBT Rackcard 2019 ( PDF )
Conference Prayer
Letter of Support from Bishop Zarama ( English )
Letter of Support from Bishop Zarama ( Spanish )

E-mail and we will provide all the materials you need!

We would be delighted to advise you as to how to share the conference information with others in your specific situation. E-mail and we will help get you started!

God Bless You!

Bulletin Announcements

Bulletin Message

Why be Catholic? Come to the Ignited by Truth Catholic Conference and grow spiritually through a deeper understanding of the truths of the teachings of the Catholic Church. The 16th annual Ignited By Truth Conference will be held April 6 at NC State’s Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, featuring renowned speakers Dr. Tim Gray, Fr. Larry Richards, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Susan Brinkmann, Adam Blai, and Fr. Dwight Longenecker. Opening Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Zarama, and Catholic vendors, Eucharistic Adoration, and confession will be available all day. The student program will include free pizza lunch, vibrant speaker Nick De La Torre, music and prayer with Fr. Ian Van Heusen and Dana Catherine. The day will conclude with a concert performance by Dana Catherine and Nick & Alina De La Torre.

Buy your tickets today! Advance price is $15 for adults. FREE admission for students age 10-college with registration. Visit or call 919-789-1428 for more information.

Spanish Bulletin Message

¿Por que ser Cátolico? Venga a la conferencia Cátolica de Ignited by Truth y cresca spiritualmente al conocer más a fondo la verdad de las enseñansas de la Iglesia Cátolica. La decimosexta Conferencia Annual de Ingited by Truth se llevará a cabo el 6 de abril en el Coliseo Reynolds de la Universidad de Carolina del Norte, en Raleigh. Hemos invitado a varios famosos oradores como el Dr. Tim Gray, Padre Larry Richards, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Susan Brinkmann, Adam Blai, and Padre Dwight Longenecker. Se abrirá con una Misa celebrada por el Obispo Luis Rafael Zarama. Habrá Adoración al Sagrado Sacramento, confesiones todo el día y mesas de artículos Cátolicos. El programa para estudiantes incluirá almuerzo de pizza gratis, el orador Nick De La Torre, y música y oración con el Padre Ian Van Heusen y Dana Catherine. El día se terminará con un concierto especial de Dana Catherine y Nick & Alina De La Torre.

¡Compre sus tiquetes hoy! Precio por adelantado es de $15 para adultos. Los estudiantes de 10 años hasta edad universitaria son GRATIS. Para más información visítenos en, o llámenos al 919-789-1428.


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IBT 2019 – Adult Promotional Video

IBT 2019 – Youth Promotional Video